Gerry Boots and 12 cyclists getting ready cycling for Scott Gerred!

Gerry and 12 other cyclists are cycling Mizen Head to Malin Head on 9/10th Sept in aid of Scott Gerred who was paralyzed in a Motocross Accident last year. Funds will go towards his rehabilitation and expensive sessions using an Ekso Skeleton suit to try and help him walk again.

Scott who is 21, was recently involved in a severe motor cross accident. He was airlifted to the nearest hospital. When his family got there, they were told that doesn't look good. He sustained five broken bones in his back, a fractured sternum, and a fractured neck, broken ribs, and a punctured lung. He was taken straight to the Neuro Intensive Care Unit where he had to have a nurse caring for him 24/7. He remained in Neuro Intensive Care for two weeks, where he also underwent major spinal surgery to reposition his spine with metal bolts.

He still has another three weeks in the hospital which will take him up to 6 weeks in total and after his time here he will have to go to a rehabilitation centre for six months to adjust and learn how to live with the loss of feeling in his legs.

As technology is improving, we want to be able to give him the chance to have surgery that could potentially let him walk again.
He is an amazing guy. He is loving and caring, and he doesn't deserve this, nobody does.

To be able to give him the opportunity to walk again is more than words could ever explain. Not only just the surgery but the costs of equipment and treatment that a paraplegic need is overwhelming.
Even if it is just £1, you can donate that would be amazing.

Please Donate

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