Construction Health and Safety Signs

Construction Health and Safety Signs

Why Construction Signs Important?

Construction sites are dangerous places with possible hazards laying around every corner. Construction site safety signs are essential to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, protecting workers and members of the public. In the event of an accident construction, safety signs highlight potential dangers and hazards and highlight visitors or workers to designated first-aid points and emergency equipment.

Building site signs also have a crucial role in the efficient day to day running of the construction site. Employers are responsible for ensuring that every site has the required construction site health and safety signage. Having construction signage needed in place reduces workplace accidents as well as injuries. Construction site signage is also essential to ensure that members of the public are aware of the borders of prohibited sites.

Construction Signage Types

A construction site contains a different range of potential hazards. That is why you need a variety of safety signs for a single construction site. There are several types of  health and safety signs for construction sites:

  • Prohibition Signs
  • Mandatory Signs
  • Traffic Signs
  • Fire Action Signs
  • Information Signs
  • Warning Signs
  • Chemical Hazard Signs

We are a leading provider of construction safety signs, and we have a vast range of health and safety sign available in stock. Our signs highlight possible dangers, point people in the direction of fire exit or medical equipment, to provide information for visitors and workers.

In a construction site you can also use multi message signs which called combination signs in the industry. These signs contain more than one massage up to six massages. Messages on one big sign can be put together according to requirements for that specific construction site. Our signs highlight the areas that safety clothing and equipment must worn. We stock safety signs from PPE signs and restricted access signs to no entry and hazard notices.

Where to display Construction Signage?

We have a broad range of construction safety signs available. The location of the health and safety signs will often depend on the construction site, type of signage and purpose of the safety sign. No entry signs are located at the entrance of the site to prevent members of the public entering the site. These signs should be in a place clearly visible. Signs intended to alert people about passing vehicles must be located close to access routes and pathways. You must place all the signs in a construction site easy to see and read.

Right Signs for Construction Site

Employers might have different requirements, or a surveyor might assess how many safety signs and the type of signage a construction site requires. You should check governments latest health and safety regulations and then browse our selection of building site signs to identify suitable products.

If you need any advice or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our experienced team can offer advice based on the project and the geography of the site.