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%75 Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel

It is govenments advise that you need at least 60% alcohol content for hand sanitisers to work properly. Dr Primrose Freestone (associate professor in clinical microbiology at the University of Leicester), explains that, 60-95% alcohol content is needed for hand sanitiser to work. Biomate is 75% alcohol hand sanitiser gel. Most alcohol-based hand sanitiser gels in UK contain ethanol and/or isopropyl alcohol. Isoprophyl alcohol has a distinctive smell therefore some people prefer ethanol. You can check the label to see ingredients. In addition, how much alcohol the hand sanitiser gel contains.

Biomate hand sanitiser gel’s formula is one of the WHO formula

Our hand sanitiser gel formula is one of the WHO formula and contains 75% ethanol. Biomate hand sanitiser gel is advisable for use in situations where you cannot wash your hands. For instance, in public transport, shops or when out at events. This hand sanitiser kills germs and eliminates bacteria without the need for water. 

Preventing the spread of infection and disease

Biomate hand sanitiser gels contain 75% alcohol (World Health Organisation handrub formulation). To clarify, this surpasses the requirement of 60%. On a daily basis everybody will come into contact with germs. We may contact gems during travelling on public transport, as well as working at your desk. Therefore, even walking your dog requires attention to hygiene. That is to say, we are always on the go. We are not always be near to hand soap and water. Consequently carrying a hand sanitiser gel can come in very useful.

High Alcohol Hand Sanitisers

  • Complete broad spectrum activity. Kills 99.999% of common germs.
  • Non sticky, easy to use gel formula
  • High alcohol content – 75% ethanol v/v . Ensures quick effective hand sanitisation.
  • Moisturising skin with Aloe vera and flower oils. It reduces the drying effect on the caused by regular use of hand sanitisers.

Above all, a premium grade hand gel is really matters in the fight against COVID-19. Keep your hands clean and protected.