Covid-19 Face Protection

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Covid-19 Face Protection

3ply face masks from the EU Signs Online Shop meets UK Safety regulations. In addition 3ply masks are essential for Covid-19 face protection. We provide high-quality ffp2 respirators, face shields in addition to 3ply face masks.

50 x non-woven disposable face masks.

3-ply face mask are essentials for Covid-19 face protection. Standard face masks has 3 non-woven fabric layers. They are commonly called as surgical face masks with ear-loop. In addition, we supply white breathable dust filter, ffp2, ffp3 masks. To clarify, these masks are know as particulate filters. FFP2 masks are N95 in USA regulations and KN95 in Chinese regulations.

We supply standard 3 ply masks as well as ffp2 respirators. Our masks comply with British regulations and have CE certification. We wholesale face masks and face shields. Call us on 02033752100 to discuss bulk discounts.

Back to Work with COVID-19 Essentials.

In other words, these items are essential for offices and construction sites back at work. Create a safer workplace with this range of cleaning, PPE and hygiene products.

Face coverings are now compulsory for use on all forms of public transport and in a wide range of enclosed public spaces. This includes staff and customers in retail environments as well as bar staff, waiters and non-seated customers in bars, pubs and restaurants. People failing to comply with the new rules could face fines of up to £200 for a first offence.

How to properly wear a 3Ply face mask?

The mask should cover your face starting from the bridge of your nose to under the chin. Face mask should be loose fitting but it should still be secure enough to stay in put. Make sure that you can talk with your mask on and also that the mask doesn’t irritate you. As a result you will not touch the mask or pull it out of place. Therefore risk from touching your face will be minimalised.